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Money Heist Inspires Real-Life Robbery In Uttar Pradesh

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Internet does not always work as a boon in today’s society. The same was proven recently after a group of three people robbed a jewelry store in Lucknow, after being inspired by the Netflix web series, Money Heist.

In the Gomti Nagar area of Uttar Pradesh, three youths got inspired by Money Heist and robbed a jewelry store. The police revealed that they committed the crime which was influenced by the series.

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Within 24 hours of the robbery, police tracked down the victims, and all three of them were arrested. You would not believe who robbed the store! The main accused behind the robbery was the salesman at the counter of the shop, Pradeep. Pradeep decided to feigned as the victim after his store helper put a gun on his head and tied both his hands.

Pradeep was the mastermind behind the robbery. His accomplice, Imran, gave him an indication and spoke in a softer tone before carrying out the heist. He moved away from the shop into the lanes of the road. The third accused, Sandeep Gupta, helped in escaping after the robbery was conducted. He got a car and helped in getting away.

The three of them were nabbed by the local police. The ACP of the area, Shweta Srivastava led the case and said that the three accused were arrested after intense interrogation. Surveillance and CCTV footage provided clear evidence. Police said that they waited for the situation to get normal and then questioned Pradeep. He immediately admitted to the crime.

They planned the heist one day prior. However, Imran did not notice the CCTV camera next to the shop and also didn’t change his shoes while getting out of the car. The three of them are school drop-outs and wanted to lead a luxurious life in no time.

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