Friday, June 14, 2024

McDonald’s In Panic As BTS Army Go Crazy In Indonesia To Buy A Special Meal!

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Imagine having havoc over ten chicken nuggets, fries, and a glass of coke? The BTS army has gone crazy after McDonald’s released the special edition of the meal inspired by the Kpop group. The specialty of the meal is that the packaging is a tribute to the popular Kpop boy band. The dipping sauces in the meal are chosen by the members of the band themselves. 

The latest we hear is that the fans of BTS have created chaos in outlets of Mcdonald’s all over the world. The demand for the same increased so much that the outlet workers had to make the meal available only through delivery. 

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On the first day of sales, the crowd went mad after the meal, and some outlets experienced overturned tables and chairs in the restaurant. Hence, in order to reduce the crowd, the meal was made available only through delivery or drive-thru window. However, even that did not work out. The lack of delivery drivers led to crowding which made employees anxious to complete the orders. 

In Indonesia, the crowd went so mad that the state had to close a total of 32 branches temporarily. They have made more closures as of now. The police of the state had to stand behind the counters to control the crowd.

McDonald’s has informed the Indonesian people that the BTS meal will be available next month. Hence, there is no need to panic and create chaos at the restaurant. Since coronavirus cases are increasing in the country, the citizens are requested to stay at home and not gather in huge numbers at the restaurant. 

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