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Here’s Why Min Yoongi AKA Suga Is Known As “Little Meow Meow” Of BTS – Birthday Special

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Min Yoongi aka Suga, the lead rapper of BTS, has turned 28 today. A music composer, producer and songwriter by profession, he got his stage name because of his white colour tone just like the white colour of sugar. He is also known as AGUSTD, formed by spelling his name backwards with TD standing for the initials of his hometown “Town Daegu”. He is well known for his cute gummy smile and quite popular as the laziest member of the group. Because of his love for sleep and laziness, he is called “grandpa” of the group. Just like the nickname, “Grandpa”, ARMY has also given him another nickname, “Little Meow Meow”. In today’s piece, we’ll be pulling a curtain off from his cute nickname.

Why Min Yoongi aka Suga is known as little meow meow of BTS? Here’s the answer

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He sleeps a lot

The entire ARMY knows how much Suga loves to sleep and do nothing! He even said in one of his interviews that he wants to be stone in his next life, so he can sleep all day and do nothing. He is always tired and can be caught taking nap multiple times.

He is the tiniest

Min Yoongi is the smallest member of BTS compared to others. His height is 174cm. Just like a cat, he is small and cute.

He looks like a cat

Min Yoongi actually looks like a cat. Just like a cat, he is cute and sassy. His eyes, cheeks and expressions are just like a cat but in a human body.

Nocturnal in nature

As we all know that our little meow meow love to sleep but he also has love and passion towards music. He is called nocturnal because sometimes to make music he works all night without being bothered and sleeps at day. Just like a cat!


Cats do purr when they are relaxed. Like a cat, Suga also purrs sometimes. It’s his habit. And the ARMY loves this habit of him because they think this it’s cute.

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