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BTS’ V Is The Most Handsome Man In The World! Beats Hrithik Roshan, Noah Mills & Others

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The Top 10 Most Handsome Men in the World list is finally out and V from BTS has broken all records by topping the list and leaving Hrithik Roshan, Brad Pitt and others behind. 

BTS has been enjoying a huge fan following all over the world. From kids to adults, everyone goes crazy on their songs and online series. The BTS Army is stunned by the looks of BTS members and V always tops the list when it comes to leaving them in awe by handsome looks. 

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V aka Kim Taehyung has been enjoying huge popularity because of his perfect looks and amazing talent. Some doctors from all over the world even claimed that they have never met a human with more perfect face features than him. They claimed that he has the best features over the world. 

Recently, Kim Taehyung topped the list of Top 10 Most Handsome Men In The World. From Chris Evans and Robert Pattinson to Brad Pitt and Hrithik Roshan, Kim has left everyone behind on the list. He topped the list, shining on number 1. He is followed by Brad Pitt, Noah Mills and Robert Pattinson. 

The only Indian actor to enter the list was Hrithik Roshan, who bagged number 6 in the list. Even though every BTS member has killer and unique looks, the female army members get flattered over Kim Taehyung’s looks. His sense of styling and carrying himself makes people fall in love with him. 

Top 10 includes- V, Brad Pitt, Noah Mills, Robert Pattinson, Omar Borkan Al Gala, Hrithik Roshan, Justin Trudeau, Tom Cruise, Chris Evans and Henry Cavill.

Recently, BTS released its new song ‘Butter’ in May. Kim Taehyung’s looks in the songs made headlines worldwide. In an interview, when Kim was asked about his ideal girl in life, he said, “A girl that knows how to save money, when I make money.” He also said that he wants someone who is ready to give everything to his parents. 

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