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When Ana de Armas Blocked Her Passionate Fan Page Over Sarcastic Posts

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Last year, Cuban actress Ana de Armas sparked a controversy when she blocked her one fan page/account on Twitter. It came as a big shocker as the page was passionately following the beauty and giving updates about her.

The Bond girl is making all the noise over her latest release, No Time To Die. She is seen as Daniel Craig aka 007’s assistant. With her jaw-dropping and sensuous beauty, Ana is grabbing all eyeballs. So today, we decided to visit her controversial throwback story that took place last year.

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As most of her fans would know, last year Ana de Armas was in the news all over due to romance with Ben Affleck. During the COVID pandemic, the duo was seen enjoying some special private moments. They apparently started dating in early 2020. Giving some insights related to favourite celebrity is a thankless service, but the same thing created trouble for one Twitter fan page.

When people were advised to stay at home during the pandemic, the Knives Out actress and Ben Affleck were enjoying their moments in the LA neighbourhood. They were the most photographed couple on social media. Yes, the duo faced a fair share of criticism for roaming during the pandemic.

Amid trending on social media, the aforementioned Twitter fan page, Ana de Armas Updates (@ArmasUpdates) started sharing fun posts that were a bit sarcastic in nature. For example, one post featured Ana and Ben walking their dogs without wearing masks. Its caption read, “Ana de Armas & Ben Affleck walk their dogs outside instead of praying for the pandemic to go away on Easter Sunday. (April 12, 2020).”

Several other posts of similar nature were shared on it. Unfortunately, the fan page which was trying to keep it lighthearted faced a block from none other than its star.

One who handles the fan page had given a clarification after the incident. Its admin even shared that he didn’t have any intention of showing their star in a negative light. The fan page went on a break for a few months and returned in later 2020.

Stay tuned for more such throwback stories.

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