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Grey’s Anatomy Witnesses A Return & Reunion Of 2 Special Characters

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With the release of last week’s promo, the viewers of Grey’s Anatomy knew that the Thursday (1st April) episode of the show will be bringing back Chyler Leigh as the late Lexie Grey.

In the previous episode of Grey’s Anatomy, not only did Grey Sloan Memorial doctor receive a romantic marriage proposal but two of the most admired characters returned on Meredith Grey’s dream-state beach. 

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The cast of Grey’s Anatomy surprised its fans with the return of Chyler Leigh aka Lexie Grey in the medical drama. However, it was not the end of the surprises. Another wave of shock hit the audience when the return of Lexie also led to Lexie’s reunion with Eric Dane aka Mark Sloan. 

The eighth season of the show marked the saddening and tragic end of the on-again and off-couple, Mark and Lexie. They both were involved in a plane crash that killed Lexie in the finale episode of Season 8. The season ended with Lexie holding Mark’s hand and imagining the sort of life she would have had with him. 

Lexie Grey & Mark Sloan
image source- Google, Instagram | image by- Vulture.com, Eric Dane

Mark managed to survive a bit longer. Later he died due to complications from the plane crash in early season 9. However, the two can be seen getting back together and sitting on Meredith’s beach. In the Thursday episode aired on April 1, Meredith asked if Lexie and Mark were together again? To this Marked replied, “On your beach looks like we are.” They feel connected on the beach.

The show airs every Thursday on ABC at 9 p.m. ET.

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