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What Is Weekend Lockdown In Maharashtra? Here’s All You Need To Know About New Guidelines

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No one ever imagined that the second wave of Covid-19 will hit so bad across the country, especially Maharashtra. The state is recording the highest number of cases, more than what we saw during the first wave of Covid. With the situation going out of control, the state government has issued a new set of guidelines. Also, there’s one question in everyone’s mind- what is weekend lockdown in Maharashtra?

Before we explain what is weekend lockdown in Maharashtra and another new set of guidelines, let us inform you that on Saturday (3rd April), the state recorded as many as 50,000 (approx) Covid-19 positive cases. The number is more than 50% of total cases in the entire country.

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What is weekend lockdown in Maharashtra?

The state government has ordered to practice a complete lockdown during weekends, from 8 pm on Friday to 7 am on Monday. The same will be followed till 30th April (starting from the upcoming weekend of 9th April). During this period, everything will be shut down including bars, restaurants, shopping malls and even vegetable markets. Only essential services will be available.

Other restrictions

Apart from weekend lockdown, a complete shutdown of theatres, auditoriums, gyms, religious places, parks, indoor sports complexes, playgrounds, beaches, salons and beauty parlours, has been announced. On weekdays, a night curfew will be followed from 8 pm to 7 am. During this time, not more than five people are allowed to gather at one place (under section 144). Shopping malls, eateries, bars and restaurants will be open only for takeaways and home delivery.

Public transport is ordered to run at 50% occupancy. Even government offices will run at half of their total occupancy. Construction activities, e-commerce, farming and industrial production is allowed. The shooting of television shows and films have been allowed but under strict supervision.

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