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Beast (Raw) Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay Delivers A Treat For Fans In Otherwise A Passable Dark Comedy Thriller!

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Beast (Raw) Movie Review

Cast- Thalapathy Vijay, Pooja Hegde, Selvaraghavan, Shaji Chen, Yogi Babu, Ankur Vikal & others

Director- Nelson

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Release date- 13th April 2022

Popcorn score- 6 out of 10

What’s the basic storyline?

There’s a mall named ‘East Coast’ in Tamil Nadu, which is hijacked by a group of terrorists. It’s actually a dirty plan used by a Home Minister of a state, who wants to use it as a political issue and fulfil his greed of becoming a Prime Minister. The hijackers demand the release of a deadly terrorist in exchange for the lives of hostages.

To terrorists bad luck, ex-Raw spy Veer Raghavan is one of the hostages in the mall. The daredevil ex-Raw member then takes the responsibility on him to rescue the people but wants to do it on his own terms.

Will Veer be able to rescue all the hostages? Will he be able to complete the mission in his own way and punish the culprits? Beast answers it all!


Thalapathy Vijay, as always, looks dashing and carries that swagger. His screen presence as Veer Raghavan is powerful. He effortlessly nails the action scenes and dances with utmost ease. He’s the complete package here for which fans always craze!

Pooja Hegde doesn’t really have the character with the depth to show her potential. She looks irresistibly pretty and brings out some fun moments with Thalapathy Vijay.

Selvaraghavan as Altaf plays it subtle and his deadpan humour is bang on. VTV Ganesh, Shaji Chen and Yogi Babu put on a decent performance. Ankur Vikal as a leader of a terrorist group doesn’t look threatening a bit and falls flat.

Screenplay, direction & other departments

Beast is based on a paper-thin plot and seems lacklustre. There’s no substance in the story and is totally dependent on Thalapathy Vijay’s star power. Despite a bunch of talented actors, the focus never shifts away from Vijay, who is present in almost every frame.

Nelson, who is known for a critically acclaimed and commercially viable Tamil film like Doctor (2021), gets into a laid-back mode here. He makes Beast all about Thalapathy with multiple entries for him and it looks like service to his die-hard fans. No, this isn’t a minus point, but if we think about the neutral audience, it just looks a bit too much. Nelson’s dark humour is seen at regular intervals and keeps the fun going.

Action scenes are well choreographed and the heartbeat gets spiked every time Thalapathy Vijay picks a gun or a knife.

Dubbing in the Hindi version doesn’t disappoint, especially the voice for Vijay really suits him.

Anirudh’s music is one of the highlight points of Beast as songs, BGM takes the film to the next level.

On a conclusive note…

Beast has many flaws and isn’t really a trademark film of Nelson. It’s more of a Thalapathy Vijay‘s one-man show with a regular comic dose. It’s an enjoyable film if you don’t mind watching massy timepass films.

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