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Dream Wrestlemania 37 Surprises We Would Love To See!

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For all WWE fans, it’s Wrestlemania week! We’re just 3 days away from witnessing a live crowd cheering for their favourite superstars. As the buzz is at its peak, today, we’ll be talking about the dream Wrestlemania 37 surprises everyone would love to see.

It could end up being just a speculation piece, but who knows, Vince McMahon and his creative team might just end up making the event special as the return of live audience is a big thing. So, let’s have a look at dream Wrestlemania 37 surprises, which will make the event special.

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The Undertaker appearing…for one last time

As we all know, The Undertaker called off his wrestling career after going one on one against AJ Styles in a Boneyard match at Wrestlemania 36. Sadly, there wasn’t any live audience to cheer him. As the deadman is Vince’s one of the special people, he might get the honour of saying goodbye in front of the arena. And man, we would love to see fans cheering for him like crazy!

The Undertaker
image source- Instagram | image by- Undertaker

There’s no Wrestlemania without John Cena, not even this one

As John Cena himself says, there’s no Wrestlemania without him, we might end up seeing him (at least as a spectator). At Wrestlemania 36, he had the first-ever Firefly Funhouse match with The Fiend. Cena running down the ring with ‘My time is now’ playing on titantron is definitely one of dream Wrestlemania 37 surprises.

John Cena
image source- Google | image by- WWE

Expect Rock because it’s Florida

Wrestlemania 37 is taking place in Florida, the US state with which Rock shares a special connection. So, expect the ‘most electrifying man in the sports industry’ to make a special appearance. Watching Rock picking up the mic and saying “Finally…” would be a moment in itself. Also, remember his Black Adam movie is coming soon and what could be a better platform than Wrestlemania stage for promotions.

The Rock
image source- Google | image by- WWE

Much awaited return of Brock Lesnar

Last but not least is Brock Lesnar return. Brock lost the WWE title to Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania 37, and since then, he is missing from the action. He was speculated to challenge Bobby Lashley for the main event at Mania, which sadly didn’t happen. What if he attacks the winner of the match between Lashley and McIntyre and makes a big returning statement? Sounds Amazing, isn’t it?

Brock Lesnar
image source- Google | image by- WWE

Wrestlemania 37 is all set to take place on 10th and 11th April in Raymond James Stadium of Tampa Bay, Florida. On both nights, the event will start at 8E/5P. In India, fans will get to watch it at 5.30 am on 11th and 12th April. In the US, the event will go live on the Peacock network. In the rest of the world, WWE Network will showcase the event.

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