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Mr. Olympia 2020: Phil Heath, Brandon Curry, Big Ramy & Hadi Choopan Make It To The Final Call Out; But Who’s Slaying The Game?

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After a lot of happenings, Mr. Olympia 2020 finally began in a full swing. As Phil Heath was making a comeback after a gap of one year, eyes were all set on this year’s competition. On the other hand, an interesting line up of Big Ramy, Hadi Choopan, Dexter Jackson, William Bonac and of course, defending champ Brandon Curry, made a lot of hype around 2020’s contest.

Just a few hours ago, the pre-judging for Men’s Open division took place. Surprisingly, when the top six competitors were called out, veteran Dexter Jackson wasn’t the part of it. Speaking of the top four players after a final call out, Heath, Curry, Ramy and Choopan sealed a deal.

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Speaking of defending champion, Brandon Curry looks well prepared for Mr. Olympia 2020. Just like his Instagram updates, his conditioning is on point with a considerable increase in muscle mass. He is carrying confidence in his body language. The only problem is, he was fading out towards the end in pre-judging and it might have cost a few points for him.

Coming to Hadi Choopan, looks like his late entrance in the United States has affected his physique a bit. He got a VISA at the very end moment, so his body didn’t really settle. Nonetheless, he is still sharp with his conditioning. He has well-developed leg muscle and overall a good physique for Mr. Olympia 2020. But to be honest, he’s a bit in minus compared to the last year.

Big Ramy is a surprise package for one and all. As promised, he has dropped a few pounds (for good). He’s looking in his best shape and conditioning ever. Most importantly, while posing, he looked very confident and effortless. This time, apart from the size, he has brought well-defined structure and separation. While everyone was considering it to be a fight between Brandon and Heath, Ramy has just come out of syllabus.

And the last one, Phil Heath aka The Gift is better than 2018’s blunder. This time he has got his midsection fixed, but it’s not as good when compared to other three bodybuilders. He has a benefit of being a complete bodybuilder with round muscle bellies but that’s it. There’s nothing extraordinary about his physique. Also, he was seen losing his control over his gut towards the end.

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So, that’s all about a final call out of Mr. Olympia 2020’s pre-judging. Out of all, Big Ramy is much ahead in the race. Let’ see what happens on the finals’ day i.e. tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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