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Mr. Olympia 2020: Brandon Curry, Hadi Choopan Updates; Where & When To Watch – Deets Inside

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With each passing day, the craze for Mr. Olympia 2020 is rising one level up. This year’s competition is touted to be memorable as fans will get to see a really strong lineup of pro-body builders. Especially, with Phil Heath making a comeback after a gap of one year, everyone is excited to see whether the legend wins the title for the 8th time.

This year’s defending champion is Brandon Curry and everyone is looking forward to the package he’ll be bringing this year. He will be facing the biggies like Phil Heath, Big Ramy, Dexter Jackson and Roelly Winklar. Undoubtedly, the challenge is much bigger this time but our champ is all geared up to face the D Day. The reason we say so is Curry’s latest update of his physique.

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A couple of hours ago, reigning Mr. Olympia champ, Brandon Curry, surprised his fans by posting a current physique update. In the picture, he is looking aesthetic with some serious amount of mass. His round muscle belly, striations on shoulders and vascularity is slaying all the way. With some more time available for preparation, there’s no doubt we’ll be getting to witness a better package than last year.

Along with the picture, Brandon Curry wrote, “In just 2 weeks from today it’ll all be said and done. No more predictions, no more smack talk. No more wondering or assuming what will be. Let the judges do their job. What will be, shall be! I’M READY!” Check out the post below.

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A post shared by Brandon Curry (@brandon__curry)

Not just Curry, even Hadi Choopan has posted his physique update. Hadi in his latest Instagram post is looking extremely vascular with a huge muscle mass. Just like every occasion, this time too Hadi is all set to showcase his ripped and conditioned body. But contrary to this impressive update, there’s still no confirmation of whether Hadi will be competing for Mr. Olympia 2020 or not, due to his visa issue. So, let’s pray for the best and hope to see him on the stage.

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A post shared by Hadi Choopan | هادی چوپان (@hadi_choopan)


Where and when to watch Mr. Olympia 2020?

This is the first time ever, Olympia will be charging for live streaming. You can enjoy the streaming on by subscribing premium package at $49.95 (before 8th December) and $59.95 (after 8th December). The pre-judging for Mr. Olympia 2020 is scheduled for 18th December at 7 pm (19th December at 5.30 am in IST). The main competition will take place on 19th December at 7 pm (20th December at 5.30 am in IST).

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