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Salman Khan & His Being Haangryy Is Providing Food Kits To Police & COVID-19 Warriors

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Several Bollywood stars are raising their helping hands for frontline warriors of COVID-19 and Salman Khan is one of them. He had started food trucks last year for health workers, BMC staff and police. Food trucks were seen on the roads of Mumbai. Food kits were distributed among the poor, underprivileged people too. 

Now, during the second wave of covid-19, the actor has once again started his food donation drive and food packages that include the distribution of tea, water, biscuits, and various other food items. A helpline number is also available for these frontline workers for calling and food will be reached to their area of duty.

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This initiative of Salman Khan is a gesture to say thank you to health workers for their contribution and efforts during these tough times. Most of the shops are closed, while the shops of essential needs are opened for a shorter period due to lockdown, curfew being imposed in Mumbai. Hence, there’s no such option for frontline warriors that fulfill their needs of food and water.

In this initiative, Yuva Sena leader Rahul Kanal is coordinating with the actor. The initiative will be continued till next month. It’s really a good and noble way to thank them for their efforts and time spent to protect people from the tough situation prevailing due to the pandemic.

The food truck facility is named ‘Being Haangryy’ and it also helps in delivering ration and other essential needs to poor and underprivileged people around the areas of Worli and Juhu in Mumbai. The actor has also donated sanitizers to the police officials who are on duty for long hours. 

Salman Khan is truly a man with a golden heart!

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