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Elliot Page is the first trans man to feature on Time Magazine cover

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It’s never easy to come out as someone else after pretending to be someone else. To come out as transgender is very difficult for a normal person and for a celeb, it’s a hell lot of drama. Considering all such stuff, Elliot Page’s revelation of being a trans man is simply amazing. Thankfully, he is finally being true to himself and to his fans.

This act of bravery conveyed by Elliot and the Oscar nominations have bagged Page a lifetime opportunity. He has become the first trans man to star on the front cover of Time magazine.


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Elliot Page has done some amazing movies like X-Men, Juno and is currently most famous for the lead acting in a popular series called The Umbrella Academy which is streaming on Netflix. Having done so many wonderful roles, Page has successfully managed to inspire a lot of people who are battling with gender identity. 

Elliot Page’s reaction was very sweet and he expressed his undying gratitude towards everybody when he got the opportunity.

Page drew his inspiration and motto from Laverne Cox, who became the first trans woman to feature in Time magazine. 

In an interview, Elliot Page told Time that he had always struggled with his identity, has always felt stifled in witnessing himself in photos which made a disconnection between the world and him personally. His personal battle made him not recognise himself in pictures. He said, “I just never recognized myself. For a long time, I could not even look at a photo of myself.”

It was back in December 2020, Elliot revealed his identity.

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