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Johnny Depp’s 2018 film City of Lies is in theatres now!

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Johnny Depp’s new movie, City of Lies, released on 19th March and the news was shared by the actor on social media. Johnny shared the news on Instagram with his 9.9 million followers. 

City of Lies is a crime thriller movie based on the book, Labyrinth, written by Pulitzer-prize-winning author Randall Sullivan. The movie narrates the two most dishonourable unsolved murders in human history one of them being the murder of renowned rap artist Christopher Wallace. In the music industry, he is popularly known as the hip hop legend Notorious B.I.G.

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 The release of the City of Lies was not a cakewalk. It was originally scheduled to release in 2018. The movie went through a lot of difficulties to make its way to the theatres. The audience has anticipated the release of the movie and has imagined the long-captivated killings of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. On March 19, Johnny Depp shared the poster of the movie on his Instagram account and wrote, “Thank You to Voletta Wallace and the Poole family for allowing Brad, Forest, myself, and the crew to tell this timely and important story”. Further, the actor also added that truth is seen very often, and it is a rare bird. And this is just another reason to watch the movie.


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As of now, City of Lies has been released in the theatres of the United States. However, due to high demands, the movie will be available digitally on April 9. The film is special for the actor as this is his first release after he lost his libel case against a British tabloid that openly called him wife beater. Even now, the lawyers of Johnny intend to challenge the ruling given by the court of London. 

The audience has expressed that the movie did not portray the most powerful questions of the murder. Furman’s film lack the confidence to address the unresolved questions of societal cancer. City of Lies focuses more on the information that is already delivered to the public. The more relevant questions are swept under the carpet. 

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