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When Richard Gere Kissed Shilpa Shetty In Public & Left Everyone In Shock

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Over a decade ago, Richard Gere took the media by surprise by kissing Shilpa Shetty on a public platform. The incident created a commotion in the industry and caught everyone’s attention. 

In April 2007, Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty were seen sharing the stage in Delhi where they were in an awareness event for AIDS. However, whatever happened in the event caught everyone’s eyeballs and became the talk of the town. Richard gave a spontaneous kiss on Shilpa’s cheek, which instigated people to a great extent. 

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The AIDS awareness event was filled with media and paparazzi and had a huge gathering. In the event, Shilpa was speaking, holding the mic, when the Hollywood actor Richard grabbed her hand and kissed her suddenly. Even the actress was taken aback as she wasn’t expecting this action from Richard. The act did not stop there. He went ahead and bent her in a dance posture and kissed her cheek in front of the public. 

The situation became very awkward as no one was expecting such a move from the actor. The incident attracted a lot of news headlines and triggered to such an extent that they felt the actor has disrespected Indian culture. In a statement, Shilpa had said, “Richard does not understand Hindi. All he knows is that Bollywood is all about song and dance. So, he decided to give a dance pose with me to entertain the crowd.” 

After the havoc created by the kiss, Richard had to issue a public apology referring to what happened on the public platform. In the apology, he wrote, “My dear Indian friends, to be honest this recent media storm has taken me by surprise. I assure you; I have the utmost respect for her, and she knows, of course, I have felt terrible that she should carry a burden that is no fault of hers. The burden is mine and no one else.” 

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