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Jennifer Lopez Insisted On Breaking Up With Alex Rodriguez Due To Trust Issues

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez recently shared a joint statement in which the couple announced that they are officially splitting. After dating for four years and being engaged for two years, the couple has decided to call it quits. 

Some close sources to the superstar, Jennifer Lopez, have told that the couple ended their engagement because Jennifer did not think it was in her best interest to stay with Alex Rodriguez. 

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Earlier in March, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez said that they were working through some problems in their relationship. In the initial days of March, the couple announced that they are facing certain problems, and the two are on the verge of ending their relationship. To avoid the separation, Alex flew to the Dominican Republic to see the fiancée and spend some more time with her. Certain sources informed that since both the celebrities live far away from each other, it becomes difficult for them to see each other.

Many sources have also confirmed that it was Jennifer Lopez who finally broke up with Alex. A friend of Lopez said, “She insisted on it. There are too many unresolved issues.” She further mentioned that Lopez was not able to trust Rodriguez anymore. Jennifer had been pretty miserable in the last few months, and she did not think that it was in her best interest to stay with Alex Rodriguez. 

Sources confirm that even though the former couple tried to resolve their long-simmering issues, it was the long lockdown that exacerbated existing issues which could not be resolved further. 

The couple also had to cancel two wedding ceremonies because of the ongoing pandemic. A friend also said that they both liked spending more time together as families. However, it was difficult to keep that special spark when they saw each other every day.

Further, it was also mentioned that whether or not Alex has cheated does not matter, Jennifer would not tolerate the fear of it in the air between them. 

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