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Radhe Review: Salman Khan AKA Bhai Is Nowhere Near His ‘Wanted’ Game

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The stage was set, excitement was at its peak, ZEE5 subscription was purchased, but then that 45 minutes delay in the premiere spoilt half of the mood built (yes, we know the server was crashed). Tolerating that server delay, when the movie started, from the very first scene it was pretty cleared that this wasn’t the Eid we asked from Salman Khan. Want more of Radhe review? Well, keep scrolling.

What’s Radhe all about?

In Mumbai, the financial capital of India, youngsters are trapped in a web of drugs. More than addiction, youngies are taking their own lives for drugs or unintentionally committing some crime. To clear all such nuisance, Radhe (Salman Khan) takes the charge. Interestingly, at the very same time, Rana (Randeep Hooda) eyes on the city to create his drug empire. And here the clash between the two begins.

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Radhe Review (department wise)

After watching the movie, you be like “Hey Prabhu, why you made it?” Yes, Prabhudeva miserably fails in direction (we can’t entirely blame him as Salman is the producer. You know, what we mean!). Believe us, the movie is nowhere near Wanted in terms of pace, thrill and emotion. It’s very clear that the movie wasn’t in his control. A song like Seeti Maar comes out of nowhere, only to break continuity. If you are planning to watch it due to Prabhu’s earlier works like Wanted and Rowdy Rathore, just skip it!

Speaking of performances, it’s sad to see Salman Khan is on the camera just for the sake of it. His quirkiness does make you laugh on few occasions, but that’s it. There’s no substance to his character. As Radhe’s character is straightaway lifted from Wanted, the comparisons are bound to happen. And sadly, be it oozing out anger, cracking a few funny one-liners or pulling off brutal cop demeanour, Salman fails big time.

Salman Khan - Radhe vs Wanted
image source- Google, Instagram | image by- IMDb, Salman Khan (Radhe Review)

Felt really bad for Randeep Hooda! He is royally wasted as Rana. On many occasions, it felt like his scenes have been chopped to trim the length of the movie. He looks deadly in few scenes, especially when he is involved in bloodshed. He looks psycho and menacing but fails to rise after one level. Comes off as a weakly written character lacking the punch.

Randeep Hooda As Rana
image source- Facebook | image by- Salman Khan Films (Radhe Review)

Disha Patani is nothing but a barbie doll. There’s not much scope for her. Even in limited screen space, her character of Diya looks quite irritating. Jackie Shroff embarrasses himself by stuffing the character of Radhe’s senior and Diya’s brother with lots of overacting. Watching him in Disha’s dress (sorry for spoilers) was yuck! Arjun Kanungo and Pravin Tarde do a passable job. Siddharth Jadhav brings in genuine laughter in a couple of scenes.

No words for music. Action is good in some sequences (not the climax though). VFX work is average as we have already been exposed to much better stuff.

On a conclusive note…

Even with a duration below 2 hours, the movie fails to keep you hooked thanks to the awfully written screenplay, performances and a lack of emotional quotient. Even the action is not up to the mark. After waiting for so long and paying hard-earned money, people deserve better content. Let’s hope, the makers of masala entertainers keep that in mind!

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