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Pushpa 2 Becomes First Indian Film To Earn 1000 Crores Even Before Arriving At The Box Office?

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Pushpa 2: The Rule, aka Pushpa 2, a sequel to the 2021 runway hit Pushpa: The Rise featuring Allu Arjun has been making headlines even during its shooting period. Fans have been looking forward to the movie for a long time now, and recently its teaser release has put everyone in a cinematic frenzy.

And now, reports are surfacing that it has become the first movie in India to do a record-breaking pre-release business of 1000 crores! Not even huge multi-starrer blockbusters like RRR or either of the Baahubali films have been able to do this.

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The Hindi theatrical rights of Pushpa 2 were reportedly sold for an impressive 200 crores, showcasing its widespread appeal across India. Allu Arjun has one-upped Shah Rukh Khan with the deal for the Pushpa sequel, outshining 150 crores for the Hindi distribution rights of both Dunki and Jawan.

It is being said that the South Indian language rights will bring in an additional 270 crores, while the overseas market is expected to contribute 100 crores. Altogether, the theatrical rights alone have amassed over 550 crores for Pushpa 2.

But the numbers don’t stop there. In a groundbreaking agreement, Netflix has reportedly secured the digital rights for Pushpa 2 for a whopping 275 crores, with the potential to climb even higher. Additionally, the audio and satellite rights deals of the movie are said to be extremely lucrative, fetching an estimated 450 crores (including the OTT deal). When all these numbers are tallied, Pushpa 2 emerges as a leader in pre-release business, reaching the golden 1000 crores figure.

Looking at the pre-release business and the buzz surrounding Pushpa 2, we think it has the potential to become one of the biggest hits in Indian cinema when it arrives at the box office.

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