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Demi Lovato’s Froyo Controversy Gets Happy Ending As The Singer Apologizes

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Demi Lovato recently got a tad triggered with the frozen yoghurt shop for allegedly promoting diet culture, although later Demi cleared the air that she didn’t have a bad intention in targeting that shop, and she clearly stated that she never meant to bully a small business at all.

As per the latest video shared on Instagram, it is seen that Demi has cooled off after calling out a frozen yoghurt shop. The froyo controversy did draw a lot of attention of the audience towards the singer and that yoghurt shop in Los Angeles.

Demi has been through a lot of ups and downs in her career as a singer and as a human too, Demi has openly spoken about the ‘diet culture’ and how she is all against it. The “confident” singer apologized to her fans through Instagram for her rude and rash behaviour towards The Bill Chill (shop name) for allegedly promoting diet culture. 

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She took a dig at the small shop for promoting their slogans like “guilt-free cookies and cakes”. As herself being a sufferer of an eating disorder, took the advertisement a bit too seriously. She openly reprimanded this slogan of “guilt-free” by saying she won’t be intrigued and swayed by this and said that it “SCREAMS DIET CULTURE AND I WON’T BE GASLIT,” through her Instagram story.

Later, Demi posted some screenshots of her DMs with the business where they addressed her hostility by saying they are not diet vultures, and they have been doing it for the past 36 years.

Demi Lovato said this experience was triggering and awful for her. When the situation cooled off for a little bit, Demi addressed the backlash and apologized and clarified that her intentions never meant to hurt anybody. She added that this whole experience was sad for her.

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