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Money Heist Season 5: Will Rio Die In The Last Season Of The Show?

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The fifth and final season of Money Heist will release with a pre-decided fate. The final season of Netflix’s original will be a super hit as fans are desperately waiting for the last season. However, is it true that the much-loved character of the show, Rio played by Miguel Herrán, will die in the final season?

The character of Rio was loved in the third season of the show after he was arrested which also became the reason for the second heist. Rio is the major reason behind the heist in the Bank of Spain. However, it can be speculated that Rio’s fate will change in the final season of the show. 

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The final season of Money Heist went into its production stage in August 2020, since then fans want to know the fate of the gang. Many people speculated that the makers will end Rio’s life. Amidst these rumours, Miguel Herran shared a story on his Instagram account in which he was bruised. The photo left his fans curious. 

Recently, Miguel shared a photo from the sets of Money Heist and captioned it, “It is better than dying… I think.” Miguel confirmed the death of Rio by posting a shirtless selfie of himself in which he is bruised and appears to be beaten up. 

The bruised and covered with blood photo was accompanied by the caption, “Rio” which gave a hint of an emotional end to his journey in the show. The story was also accompanied by the song, “The End” by The Door. The song selection also gave us a hint that Rio’s character will die in the final season of the show. 

Fans are also speculating that Miguel might simply be bidding goodbye to Money Heist that has been his home for the last five years. 

We are still not sure whether the actor bid goodbye to the show or the character as well. We are waiting for the release of the final season to find out the truth. The release date of the last season stands postponed as of now. 

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