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Pathaan Screen Count VS Brahmastra, KGF Chapter 2 & RRR (India + Overseas)

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Shah Rukh Khan is all set to make a roaring comeback at the box office with Pathaan. It’s been a long wait of 4 years, but it seems that it was worth the wait. Witnessing all the craze in advance booking, we can say that the film is no less than a mass hysteria. Now, another exciting news has come and it’s related to the film’s screen count.

YRF on a rampage mode

Ever since the countdown has begun, YRF has been trying their best to get best possible screens and overall count in India and overseas. Considering the brand and network of YRF, the film was always expected to see one of the biggest Hindi releases and that’s what has happened.

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Pathaan screen count

As per the trade update, Pathaan will be releasing on 5,500 screens all across the country, inclusive of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. This is the biggest ever screen count for a Bollywood film and it has left Brahmastra well behind.

In overseas, the film is releasing on 2,500 screens, which takes its total screen count to 8,000.

Pathaan vs Brahmastra, KGF Chapter 2 & RRR in screen count

As compared to Brahmastra, KGF Chapter 2 and RRR, Pathaan has got lesser screens. For those who don’t know Brahmastra was released on 5,019 screens in India with an overseas count of 3,894+ screens, taking its total screen count to 8,913.

KGF Chapter was released on over 10,000 screens across the globe. It included 7,000+ screens from India and 3,000+ screens from overseas.

RRR too was released on over 10,000 screens across the globe.

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