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Radhe Shyam Box Office Day 2 (All Languages): Witnesses A Big Drop As Compared To Pushpa’s 31.50 Crores

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The thing which happens with most of the big openers has happened with Radhe Shyam too. After taking a fantastic start, the Prabhas starrer witnessed a sharp drop on day 2 at the box office. Let’s compare it with Allu Arjun’s Pushpa to know how severe the drop is.

Ever since the advance booking was opened for RS, it was clear that the film will be creating a storm on its opening day in its Telugu version. However, the response for other versions was really dull. Shockingly, on day 2, even the Telugu version has dropped big time. Yes, it happens often with big openers, but the signs aren’t good considering disappointing word-of-mouth.

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As per the reports flowing in, Radhe Shyam has earned 24 crores* on day 2 from all languages. It’s a huge drop when compared to day 1’s 47 crores.

Last year’s blockbuster, Allu Arjun‘s Pushpa too had witnessed a fall on its second day, but that wasn’t this severe. In fact, it looked normal. The film had opened at 45 crores (inclusive of all languages). However, on day 2, it had made 31.50 crores.

As of now, Radhe Shyam stands at Indian box office collection of 71 crores*. It is expected to earn another 20 crores+ today, thus moving closer to the 100 crore mark. However, things will get difficult once the weekend gets over. Considering the huge budget RS carries, things aren’t looking good for the film.

The biggest dent the film is facing is in its Hindi version. Prabhas’ Saaho, despite poor reviews, had managed a superb collection over the weekend with each day scoring over 20 crores in the Hindi version alone. In the lifetime run, it had earned almost 150 crores. Here, things aren’t pleasing as Radhe Shyam has earned just 5 crores* on day 2 after earning the same figure on its opening day. Even though it’s steady, it’s on the lower side.

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