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Magadheera Re-Release Box Office: Ram Charan Starrer Is A Big Flop!

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Yesterday, Ram Charan celebrated his 39th birthday, and marking this special occasion, his 2009 blockbuster hit, Magadheera, was re-released in selected theatres. However, the film has failed to attract fans to theatres and the box office outcome has everyone by surprise.

When the Telugu film Orange, starring Ram Charan and Kajal Agrawal, was released back in 2010, it was one of the biggest flops of the year. The movie received mixed reviews, with people pointing out that they couldn’t connect with the plot. Audiences and critics had highlighted that many commercial elements, which are considered the trademark of Telugu cinema, were missing too. And unsurprisingly, it resulted in significant losses for everyone concerned.

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But guess what happened when it was re-released on the occasion of Ram Charan’s birthday last year? It broke records and became a massive hit by earning over 3.2 crores gross at the box office. This is a disruption in the pattern as several highly anticipated Telugu re-releases have bombed when they attempted to do the same.

A case in point is Magadheera, which can be considered the second biggest film of Ram Charan’s career now, after RRR. It was released in theatres on the occasion of Ram’s birthday yesterday, and the makers had expected fans to go berserk and turn up at theatres in full swing. But that did not happen.

Apart from a few fan shows, the overall audience turnout has been notably low. This response is deemed disastrous, especially when comparing it to the blockbuster success of Magadheera back in 2009. The figures, along with the attendance rates in all regions, are exceptionally low.

What does this tell us? That the movie business is full of surprises, and that re-releases are nothing but a bag of surprises.

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