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Housefull 5’s Budget Revealed, Is Now 2nd Most Expensive Bollywood Film In History & Also Surpasses Jawan By 97 Crores?

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After witnessing back-to-back box office duds, Akshay Kumar is all set to bounce with a strong lineup of upcoming films. It’s good to see the actor returning to his old popular franchises, with Housefull being one of them. Yes, his Housefull 5 is coming on 2024’s Diwali and today, we learned about its unbelievable budget!

Biggest franchise for Akshay Kumar

In terms of commercial success, Housefull is the most successful franchise for Akshay Kumar, and one expects his Housefull 5 to be huge. For those who aren’t aware, the fourth instalment was a big success at the box office, with over 200 crores net coming in from India alone.

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Sajid Nadiadwala takes Housefull 5 to the next level with its budget!

As reported by Variety, Sajid Nadiadwala is investing a mammoth sum for his upcoming films as a producer. Out of it, he’ll be spending around $48 million on Housefull 5, which equals a staggering 397 crores in INR. That’s insane!

Debates are going on about spending so much on a comedy film, but it is what it is!

Housefull 5 becomes Bollywood’s second most expensive film in history

With a budget of 397 crores, Housefull 5 lands below Adipurush to become Bollywood’s second most expensive film. Interestingly, the cost is higher than Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan by a margin of 97 crores.

Most expensive Bollywood films till now:

Adipurush – 600 crores

Housefull 5 – 397 crores

Jawan – 300 crores

Brahmastra – 250-300 crores

Pathaan – 250 crores

83 – 225 crores

(Note: The budget of Tiger 3 is not included in the list as there’s clarity around the figures)

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