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Godfather Advance Booking Report Day 1: 2.70 Lakh+ Tickets Already Sold At The Box Office, Set For Good Start Tomorrow

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Godfather starring Chiranjeevi is all set to hit theatres tomorrow. The film has a lot of hopes pinned on it as it is believed to bring back the megastar into the box office game after a dud like Acharya. With just a few hours to go in the release, let’s take a look at how the film is faring in the advance booking for day 1.

The biggest complaint about the makers and distributors of the film is coming from the Hindi belt. It was only in the yesterday night when the bookings were allowed to open. It has surely affected the ticket sales and much lower than expected numbers are flowing in.

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Speaking about the overall advance booking of Godfather, the film has earned 4.70 crores gross so far for day 1. Of course, a majority of chunk is coming from the Telugu version. The Hindi version is performing very low with just around 15 lakhs recorded so far. The overall ticket sale is said to cross 2.70 lakhs. Considering tomorrow is a holiday, one expected the number to hit the 10 crore mark. However, it seems to be a tough task now until the film picks up the miraculous pace in bookings.

Having said that, Godfather will definitely attract crowd through walk-ins and mass centers are expected to perform much better, which remained low during Vikram Vedha.

City-wise speaking, the film is performing majorly in the Telugu states. Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag, Guntur and Nellore are performing terrifically. In the north, despite the presence of Salman Khan, Godfather has failed to show any buzz so far. NCR is showing extremely poor occupancy. Chandigarh too is dull. Mumbai is showing below average response and so other major cities which are considered to be the market of Hindi films.

Let’s see if the film gets a tremendous boost in the next few hours.

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