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Dharmaveer Collection Till Now At Box Office (After 22 Days): It’s A Blockbuster, Earns Profit Of 150%

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Dharmaveer starring Prasad Oak in a lead role has turned out to be a blockbuster at the box office. After taking a fantastic start, the film has sustained really well and is still rocking in theatres. Here’s how much collection it has made till now.

Helmed by highly talented movie director Pravin Tarde, the film is a biopic based on the life of a highly celebrated political figure and messiah, the late Anand Dighe. Even after his untimely demise, the name of Dighe holds the utmost importance among Thanekars (residents of the Thane district) and is considered a god by many for his deeds.

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Now talking about the box office collection the film has made till now, Dharmaveer has done a rocking business of 25 crores in the state of Maharashtra. It has been in theatres for 22 days and during these days, multiple biggies of Bollywood and Hollywood came but this film is working in its own league and pulling off houseful shows even today.

As per the ground report, Dharmaveer is enjoying a repeat audience and due to public demand, it’s still running in the state with a good number of shows. Just like Pawankhind, it’s going to enjoy a run of over a month in theatres.

Now speaking of the film’s budget, this Pravin Tarde directorial has been made reportedly made at a cost of 10 crores. If we take out the making cost, the film has made a huge profit of 15 crores, which equals 150%. A huge blockbuster!

In our review, we rated the film with a popcorn score of 7 out of 10 and praised Pravin Tarde’s screenplay, direction and the performances of the entire cast, especially Prasad Oak. Click here to read the entire review of Dharmaveer.

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