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When Shashi Kapoor Turned ‘Real-Life’ Superstar To Save Rakhee Gulzar From A Tiger

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Masses are always excited to know the gossips, the personal life stories of their favourite stars and celebrities. It’s a connecting thread between them. Similarly the icon Rakhee Gulzar shared a piece of her most precious memories during a recent interview while speaking of the late superstar, Shashi Kapoor.

The occasion was Kapoor’s 83rd birth anniversary. Rakhee had nothing but praises for the star. While working together for ‘Sharmeelee’ and other projects, she learnt many things from her colleague.

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Relishing good old days, Rakhee Gulzar revealed that she and Shashi Kapoor shared the same make-up artist. Subtly complimenting his striking good looks she extolled how he didn’t need make-up. She quoted, “Frankly, he didn’t need a make-up man,” as reported by Times Of India.

Out of all, the memory that has stayed with Rakhee Gulzar is how Shashi Kapoor saved her from a big wild cat- a tiger. Rakhee talked about how uncomfortable she was with a scene of ‘Jaanwar Aur Insaan’ in which she was supposed to fall in a pit after being chased by a tiger. Seeing the discomfort of Rakhee, Shashi Kapoor, her co-star, cajoled her, giving her peace of mind. Rakhee made a statement that her discomfort with the film was overshadowed by Shashi’s coaxing and she ended up doing the film for him only.

The crew spectated the turn of events when the tiger took a big leap at Rakhee which wasn’t supposed to happen. In the nick of time, Shashi dragged Rakhee out of the pit, saving her life. Then she continued her story, ending with the death of the tiger by falling into the pit upside down.

Truly, Shashi Kapoor was a superstar in real-life!

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