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Bollywood Directors Who Changed For Good – A List Of 3

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With time everything changes and so is the way of thinking. Especially, when we talk about an artistic person, he or she has an inherent element of observing the surrounding, brainstorming and adopting a different approach, pretty quickly. Our today’s piece revolves around the same subject in the context of filmmakers and hence the title, Bollywood directors who changed for good.

We have listed out three names who, over a period of time, changed their storytelling approach, matter to talk about and much more. The changes were visible to the audience too. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

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Anurag Basu

Anurag Basu is a brilliant filmmaker and storyteller. From the start itself, Basu has been fond of a bit niche subject. Basu started off his career on a good note with a 2003 release, Kucch To Hai. It was a decent grosser and most importantly, it garnered a good critical reception. His lineup including films like Murder, Life In A…Metro proved his mettle as a director. With each passing film, a visible change could be seen in Basu’s filmmaking. Be it adopting a modern way to narrate the story or adding an element of dark humour, Basu slowly has evolved into a maverick filmmaker. It was Barfi which changed the entire game. Watching that movie, no one would have believed that it has been made by a man who directed Kites. Barfi showed Basu’s more mature approach and understanding of emotions. And post that, Jagga Jasoos and Ludo showed his peak as a filmmaker.

Sujoy Ghosh

Sujoy Ghosh has been part of Bollywood for 17 long years. He started off with Jhankaar Beats in 2003. He too belongs to a breed of Anurag Basu type filmmakers, who opt for a unique story love to keep changing their methods of telling it. Post his debut, Ghosh delivered passable films like Home Delivery and Aladin. It was Kahaani, which brought him to the limelight. The one made a dud like Aladin, surprised each and everyone with a suspense thriller. The edge of the seat thriller proved how good Ghosh is when it comes to subjects like suspense or mystery thrillers. Since then, the filmmaker has done selective projects like Kahaani 2 and Badla (both being suspense thrillers). Seems like he finally discovered what he is good at.

Anubhav Sinha

Last but not least is Anubhav Sinha. What if say that films like Tum Bin, Dush, Cash and Ra One were made by the same man, who has his name behind gems like Mulk, Article 15 and Thappad. It’s hard to believe, right? Anubhav Sinha is a subject of a case study that how a filmmaker discovers an area suitable for him after spending around one and a half decades in Bollywood. After giving non-impactful films, it was 2018’s Mulk that gave a new recognition to Sinha. He showed what his heart had to say (even if its niche) and guess what, he got both- appreciation and commercial success. It seems, Sinha has discovered that his heart goes for realistic and social subjects and we just hope he continues with that.

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