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Who’s Pawandeep Rajan? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Indian Idol 12 Winner

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Indian Idol is one of the most popular singing reality shows in India. The show recently completed its 12th season and gave the world yet another amazing budding singer, who is expected to be seen in Bollywood soon. The 12th season has been won by Pawandeep Rajan, the boy with a golden voice. Pawandeep took home a cash price of 25 lakhs and the Indian Idol trophy. 

However, the world does not know enough about the winner. Here are a few unknown or lesser-known facts about Pawandeep. 

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Pawandeep Rajan Belongs to a Musical Family

Pawandeep’s father, Suresh Rajan is a singer in Uttarakhand. He sings at local events and public gatherings and functions in his town. Suresh is a Kaumani folk singer. Jyotideep Rajan, Pawan’s sister is also a well-known singer in her hometown. 

Pawandeep has already won a reality show

Well, this is not Pawandeep’s first reality show. Earlier, the singer was seen on The Voice India in 2015. Rajan was a part of Bollywood singer, Shaan’s team. He was the winner of the show and took home 50 lakhs and Alto K10 car. 

Pawandeep Rajan has already made his commercial singing debut

After winning The Voice India, Pawan was approached by the Universal Music Group with the contract of his first song in the Hindi music industry. He made a debut with the song Yakeen, which was released a few years back. 

Pawandeep is the youth brand ambassador

The government of Uttarakhand has awarded Pawandeep with the Youth Ambassador Award and appointed him as the official Youth Brand Ambassador of the state. 

Pawandeep Rajan is an international performer

Yes, you read that right! Pawandeep is an established singer and has performed internationally. As per reports, Rajan has done more than a thousand live shows in various countries, including Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa and others. 

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