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PM Narendra Modi Talks On COVID-19: “Be Patient…Trying Best To Avoid Lockdown”; Announces Direct 50% Supply Of Vaccines To States After Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Letter Of Suggestions

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The second wave of COVID-19 has hit India really hard with each and every sector facing its hardships. The most important and saddest part is, the death toll is increasing with each passing day. With the pandemic refusing to slow down, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation just a few moments ago.

Modi started the speech by offering condolences to people who lost their lives due to pandemic. He said that the second wave is like a storm and really dangerous compared to the first one, but urged all people to not lose patience in such a testing period. He assured everyone of winning the battle very soon as health infrastructure is continuously growing at a rapid rate.

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PM Narendra Modi touched on the most important issue that most of the Indian states are facing- shortage of oxygen cylinders. He said that the government working on establishing new oxygen plants and regulate enough supply of oxygen cylinders. He even shared having a discussion with the heads of Indian pharmaceutical industries on the matter of increasing medicine production. Apart from that, PM assured people of increasing beds in hospitals.

As announced earlier, PM Modi once again informed that post 1st May, everyone above 18 years will be availed of vaccines. A couple of days ago, former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh had sent a letter of suggestions to Modi to battle COVID-19. Seems like, the letter has been taken into consideration as Modi announced the direct supply of 50% vaccines to states and hospitals (which was mentioned as ‘giving flexibility and control to states over vaccine supply’ in the letter).

Speaking about the lockdown, PM Narendra Modi urged state governments to consider lockdown as the last option. He added that the government is trying its best to avoid a lockdown in order to save the economy. Towards the end, he urged the media to spread positivity and awareness.

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