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Who Is ASG Anil Singh Involved In Aryan Khan Case? What’s His Fees? Here’s All You Need To Know

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Aryan Khan’s drug case is taking drastic turns each day. Amid the ongoing case, several names came to light and gained popularity. One such is of ASG Anil Singh. Many are wondering, who is he or what’s his fees. So, without wasting any time, let us help you in knowing more about the much-talked-about personality.

Who is ASG Anil Singh?

As his popular name on the social name suggests, Anil Singh is one of the ASGs of India. Anil Singh was appointed as ASG (Additional Solicitor General) of India in July 2014 by the Indian government when BJP led NDA coalition won the Loksabha elections in 2014.

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As a lawyer, Singh had a successful career spanning around three decades. He served in several positions before becoming ASG. He held the position of Senior Counsel in the Bombay High Court and  Special Counsel in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. He also served as a Member of the Bar Council (Maharashtra and Goa). He was also designated as Senior Advocate in 2012.

What’s the job of ASG?

As the Government of Indian appoints ASG, the person sitting on a specified post has a duty of representing the side of the government in the cases which interest the government. ASG also helps the government in important legal matters. There are a couple of other duties, but the aforementioned are the most important ones.

What’s ASG Anil Singh’s fees?

The government pays a decent amount to a person sitting on the post and there are even other allowances. Reportedly, Anil Singh gets around 40,000 rupees per case for appearing in the court (outside Delhi). Other charges depend upon the duties carried out by ASG. The fee structure ranges from 16,000 rupees per day to 40,000 rupees per day, depending upon the work assigned to he/she/them.

Involvement in Aryan Khan case

Currently, ASG Anil Singh is involved in the Aryan Khan case. From the first hearing itself, Singh is opposing bail for Aryan. He is claiming that Shah Rukh Khan‘s son has been consuming drugs for many years and even has international connections in drugs matter.

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