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Who Is Amit Desai? Why He Replaced Satish Maneshinde As Lead Defence Counsel In Aryan Khan Case? Here’s Your Answer

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Amid the recent chaos in the Aryan Khan case, one thing was primarily asked, who is Amit Desai? Yes, we are talking about the new lead defence counsel that has been appointed to handle get Aryan out on bail, along with senior lawyer Satish Maneshinde.

For those who don’t know, in the ongoing bail plea hearing, on Monday, Amit Desai represented Aryan Khan’s side. Many raised questions if Satish Maneshinde has been removed from the case. However, that’s not the case as both Amit and Satish are representing Aryan’s side.

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How Amit Desai entered into the Aryan Khan case?

Reportedly, Shah Rukh Khan is not happy with Satish Maneshinde. As we all know, Aryan was rejected bail upon first hearing on the grounds of technicality. The first hearing took place in front of the Additional Chief Magistrate. However, it was rejected as it was made clear that only the NDPS court can grant bail.

Upon second hearing too, Satish failed in securing bail for Aryan Khan. Hence, Shah Rukh Khan decided to change his lead defence counsel. And that’s how Amit Desai came into the picture.

More about Amit Desai and his high profile cases

Desai is a senior advocate and a renowned Mumbai high court criminal lawyer. Not many would be aware but it was Desai who secured bail for Salman Khan in the ‘Hit and run case’ of 2002. Back in 2015, Salman was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment by the lower court. That’s when Desai came into the play and secured bail for Salman and made him free.

Looking at his past and successful track record as a criminal lawyer, Shah Rukh Khan has reportedly opted for Desai to lead his son Aryan’s side.

Amit Desai joined the Aryan Khan case on 11th October. It is predicted that Desai will get Aryan out of custody.

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