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When Sameer Wankhede Didn’t Allow World Cup 2011 Trophy To Be Taken Out Of The Airport

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NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede has gained a lot of fame in the last few days. Yes, he did grab attention during Rhea Chakraborty’s case, but it’s Aryan Khan’s arrest that made him a giant figure on social media. But much before all these cases, do you know that Wankhede had once stalled Cricket World Cup 2011 trophy at the airport? Below is all you need to know.

Before we tell the main story, let us inform you about Wankhede’s previous work experience as it has a connection with our main story.

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Sameer Wankhede served as Deputy Customs Commissioner

Yes, Wankhede initially served as Deputy Customs Commissioner. He joined this service after cracking the Indian Revenue Service exams. He was Deputy Customs Commissioner at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai.

Wankhede stalled world cup 2011 trophy

During Sameer Wankhede’s time in customs, team India won the Cricket world cup in 2011. Post the victory, the gold trophy was sent from ICC to here, in India. However, at the airport, Wankhede didn’t allow the trophy to be taken out. As it was made of gold, he made the officials pay the duty of the trophy and then released it.

This world cup trophy incident was popular back then and it had received praises for Wankhede, who did his duty with full honesty.

This trophy incident is now back in the news amid the ongoing drugs case involving Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan and others.

Meanwhile, Wankhede is now surrounded by lots of allegations like extortion and fake raids. NCB will be inquiring him over claims made against him by witness Prabhakar Sail. As per Sail, Wankhede told him to do signatures on blank papers (punchnama). Sail even alleged Wankhede for asking extortion money from Shah Rukh Khan to make his son free from the matter.

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