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WWE: Batista Is Upset Due To Cracks In The Hurt Business Stable

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the globe, it’s been a not-so-good phase for WWE. There are just a few things that have worked for the promotion. Amongst such positive things is the stable, The Hurt Business. The Royal Rumble 2020 saw a return of MVP and he’s been a successful part of the aforementioned stable. He, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, made the stable a hit amongst fans. But recently, we saw a difference in the group and just like fans, ‘animal’ Batista expressed his disappointment.

It was during the last episode of WWE flagship, RAW, The Hurt Business witness cracks as, after an argument, Lashley beat up Cedric Alexander. MVP tried to maintain peace but Lashley and Benjamin took on each other and it was Benjamin who ended up getting hurt. As it looked like an end of the stable, fans expressed their disappointment. After all, the stable is one of the few rare things that worked really well for WWE.

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Just like fans, even Batista doesn’t have a clue of what really happened on the last episode of RAW. He called it ‘bad for business’. Taking to Twitter, he wrote, “Let’s try this again! WHO in their right mind would break up the #HurtBusiness already? Answer: NO ONE!!! #SMFH #BadForBusiness.”

Here’s the tweet:

MVP has stated that the argument isn’t an end of The Hurt Business and everything is still in place. He also shared that King Corbin, who appeared on RAW and helped Bobby Lashley in beating Drew McIntyre, isn’t a member of the stable.

Check out the sneak peek of what happened on the last week’s RAW (watch from 0:20 minute):

Hope what MVP said is true and fans get to see more of The Hurt Business in the future. All eyes are now on next week’s RAW episode.

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