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Zendaya – A Confident & Wise Feminist Who Makes Up For A Perfect Role Model

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Everyone from teenagers to adults often looks for a role model from the entertainment industry. In today’s piece, we’ll be talking about Zendaya. Whether you are a young girl in search of confidence or a mother wanting your child to look up to someone inspiring, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a perfect role model for you or your child. If you are not already acquainted with this name, let me help you find reasons behind why your daughter should look up to this young celebrity. 

Confident, smart, focused and determined are the words that come to my mind while talking about Zendaya. Here are a few reasons why the actress is ideal for youngsters today. 

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Zendaya has been promoting body positivity for years worldwide. In 2015, a magazine tried to photoshop her photos and alter her figure in the pictures without her permission. she was shocked by their action and commented on their Instagram page saying how it affects young girls. Ever since she has been a source of confidence for all the girls. 


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Zendaya is outspoken and points out those who are wrong, even if they are celebrities. In 2015, when she wore a dreadlocked hairdo at the Oscars, Guiliana Rancic made a disrespectful comment about her. Later, when the Disney sensation openly pointed at Rancic’s comment, she had to issue a public apology. 


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Shuts Haters Like a Pro

Zendaya has been criticized for her actions often on social media. Even though her bold red-carpet looks have triggered people worldwide, she knows how to handle the hate. Even after getting a lot of hate, the young actress wears similar looks to award shows, which proves that she does not give a damn about what people think about her. 


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An Inspiring Feminist

Some time ago, YouTuber and makeup artist, Shannon, was trolled and insulted by an Instagram page that posted her picture with and without makeup on social media. Zendaya responded to the trolls in a tweet and wrote, “That awkward moment when this tweet is irrelevant cause she is slaying both ways #wannaborrowmyglasses.” 


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Wise Beyond her Age

In one of her interviews, the interviewer was impressed by the level of maturity he senses in Zendaya according to her age. She said, “Everybody says that who talks to me. And honestly, I don’t know why I’m so deep. I don’t know! Everybody says I’m like 19 going on 80, honest to go.” 


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No matter what anyone says, Zendaya has been a determined and smart female of the world. From promoting awareness related to societal issues to setting realistic examples for teenagers, the Zapped actress has been doing it all since the day she has entered the glam world.

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