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Why Do Oscar Winning Movies Look Boring To Masses?

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It is very reasonable to think that usually, Oscar-winning films are dull, slow-paced, and deal with incredibly uninteresting topics. On the other side, there are plenty of other existing films that are more dramatic, exciting, well-acted, and thus more worthy of the honours and probably more enjoyed by the audience that even fail to get nominated.

To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with the generalized perception. It is true that the Oscars have frequently played the safe bet and endorsed films that were, in their opinion or that of the critics, brilliant and unconventional while still being relatively non-offensive and not particularly controversial.

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Many of them are, in reality, were sluggish and unorthodox. Many people have complained that ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ were too slow. We know a lot of people who were upset that ‘Birdman’ won over ‘Boyhood,’ simply because it was so damn unorthodox. Isn’t it intriguing? ‘Boyhood’ was a slower, more thoughtful film, while ‘Birdman’ was a shouting, breakneck comedy. 

Oscar-winning films are mostly about life, emotions, wonderful people, and above all, challenges, where comedy, adventure, sci-fi, horror, and romance (most often) have no space. An Oscar-winning film frequently contains a message that will change our lives and teach us a lesson or in simple words, it’s influential. Such films have nice characters with noble virtues in the film, which is more often dull to watch and there is no proper campaigning or intervention planned to pique public attention. If we talk on the whole, people want to see a film that has comedy, action, sci-fi, horror, and romance, among other things.

The panel is very picky on what it finds Oscar-worthy, which is why there aren’t many genre films in the competition, although there are a few.

When you watch a movie where the subject matter is uninteresting, it will sound “slow-paced” and dull. Most of the time, such winning films are character dramas or intermittent dramas.

On the other hand, bear in mind that certain accolades, such as award ceremonies, are just smoke and mirrors. There is a lot of pomp and ceremony around people in an affluent circle, and the Oscars have long been criticized for this.

Once James Cameron had said (in 2010 India Today Conclave interview), the Oscars are often about honouring films that we would not usually watch but should do!

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