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Want Glass Skin Without Following A 10-Step Skincare Routine? Here’s All You Need

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If you are a fan of K beauty, then would be familiar with the word, glass skin. Glass skin means skin that is healthy, poreless, clear, luminous and glowing like a piece of glass. To achieve glass skin South Koreans follow a 10 step skincare routine. But according to dermatologists, you should not apply too much of products to your face. Nowadays we all don’t even have that much time to follow a 10 step skincare routine. So, for busy people, here’s a list of things to do to achieve glass skin.

Double Cleansing 

If you apply Sunscreen or you go outside or apply makeup, you should definitely do double-cleansing. Double cleansing means cleansing your skin 2 times. The first step of double cleansing is to clean the skin with oil or cleansing balm. Don’t use any kind of oil like coconut oil or any other oil. The cleansing oil and balms are different ones that are suitable for people with oily skin too. It does not make skin oily and removes the dirt and makeup easily from the pores of your skin. After oil cleansing, wash your face with water and then face wash. And your skin is now deeply cleaned.


After double cleansing, apply a toner. You can use toners that are available in the markets according to your skin type or you can also make your own toner or just apply fresh rice water or rose water. Toner removes any last trace of dirt and impurities that are stuck in your pores after cleansing. If you use a toner daily it will make your skin tight and it also helps to prepare the skin for any facial products.

Vitamin C serum (use in am routine)

After toner, apply vitamin C serum or cream.  It protects skin from sun damage and also from getting wrinkles. It also reduces and protects from hyperpigmentation, sunburn sagging and uneven skin tone. Just apply a pea-sized amount of vitamin C cream and not more than 3-4 drops of serum.

Eye cream 

Like our face, our eyes also need caring. After serum, apply less than pea size eye cream or gel on your eyes and under your eyes. This helps with eyes lids pigmentation and wrinkles around the corner of eyes and even with crow’s feet eyes and will keep your skin around eyes hydrated. Apply eye cream in the pm routine. You can also apply it in both am and pm routine for better results.

Retinol (pm routine)

At night after double cleansing and toner, use retinol serum or cream on your face. For beginners, after toner, apply a little bit of moisturizer, then apply retinol and again apply moisturizer. Follow this for 1-2 times a week for 1 month and after that gradually increase it to apply 4-5 times a week. Retinol helps with hyperpigmentation, pimples, wrinkles, reversing sun damage and shrinking pores, so people with open pores will love it.

Moisturizer (both am and pm routine)

Moisturizer is a must for the skin. Some people do not apply moisturizer because they have oily skin. But that is wrong. All the people with any kind of skin like oily, combination and dry should use moisturizer. For oily and combination skin use gel textured moisturizer and for dry skin use creamy moisturizer. Apply moisturizer after serums.

Hyaluronic acid 

Hyaluronic acid hydrates skin. So it’s a must in skin care. If you are using hyaluronic acid serum, apply it after toner or you can simply use a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid.


It’s all skincare lovers, Sunscreen is a must. Sunscreen should be applied regularly even it’s winter or rainy season. Sunscreen protects skin from sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Apply it at the end of the skincare routine in the day time. After moisturizer, take 2 fingers sized Sunscreen and apply it before 20 minutes going outside. Reapply it after every 3-4 hours. For reapplying use a beauty blender to apply perfectly. And don’t forget to apply it to your neck.


Use exfoliation 1-2 times a week. Do this step after toner. Just apply a little amount of it on the skin with a cotton pad. Use a chemical exfoliator because sometimes physical exfoliator harms your skin. Exfoliation helps skin with blackheads, whiteheads, open pores and uneven skin tone.

Sheet masks 

In South Korea, everyone uses sheet masks daily for beautiful and glowing skin. If it’s costly to use it daily just use it once a week. Do not use it for more than 20 minutes exception if your sheet masks are overnight masks. Within 1 month, you will see your cheeks glowing like glass and continuing the usage, your face skin will become healthy and glowing like glass. After removing the sheet mask don’t forget to tap on your face lightly to absorb the serum from the mask.

Face mask

Use a face mask once a week for glowing skin and to improving your skin health. For oily skin and combination skin use clay masks and for dry and normal skin use creamy and sleeping mask.
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