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Jason Momoa To Jim Carrey – Men Who Rock Their Big Beards Like No One Else

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It’s quite amazing that the good old days are back, at least in terms of fashion and style. Be it aviators glasses or slicked-back hair, the style is back in fashion and men are making a big statement rocking it. Similarly, natural, bushy and wild beards are doing all the talking now. So what, if No-Shave November has passed away, we have a list of celebs who anytime will inspire you to throw the razor away and grow some stuff. The compilation has our beloved Aquaman, Jason Momoa and many other rocking stars.

Jason Momoa

More often we see Jason Momoa rocking the mid-length style but once in a blue moon, we, the lucky people, get to see his big beard. He is an inspiration to those who have patchy stuff on their chin. The Aquaman embraces his natural hair, which is an addon to his rugged manly persona.


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Daniel Bryan

This one is straight out of WWE’s house. His personality gets a complete transformation with a wild and long beard. Not exactly curls but Daniel Bryan is blessed with somewhat wiry texture. He’s a perfect beard role model for those who hesitate from sporting a wiry beard.


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Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey had grown some serious amount of hair and he looked really a bada** in it. He has a soft wavy texture to his beard which enhances the fuller look. Not many would have the patience of growing it so long but believe us, it’s worth the wait.


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Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard looks like a combo of Jim and Daniel’s. It’s soft and wiry at the same time. Not really a big one, but the beard does give a fuller look to the Enemy actor.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is genetically gifted with a beard that covers every aspect on the face. Right from the thickness to non-patchiness, Mel’s beard gives a royal yet rugged look. It perfectly diverts your attention from his thin hair.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo naturally possesses less hair on his chin but there’s a great length on his goatee area and below the chin area. It’s an uber-cool style to incorporate with less maintenance.


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Christian Bale

Last but not least is Christian Bale. It’s a bit similar to Leonardo DiCaprio, but the Dark Knight actor has a touch of waviness. It falls in both, formal as well as sporty category.

So, that’s our pick of stars who rock their big beards with ‘no f*cks to give’ attitude. Please comment if you think we have missed out on someone.

(image credit- Daniel Bryan, Jason Momoa/Instagram)

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