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Shawn Mendes Gets Robbed For His Mercedes, Jennifer Lopez Enjoys In A Yellow Bikini – Hollywood Updates

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It’s a time to take a quick trip of the latest Hollywood updates which are grabbing all eyeballs. The two lines which are doing all talks are- Shawn Mendes gets robbed and the other one, Jennifer Lopez in yellow bikini. Let’s take a quick look and unfold the news.

Starting with Shawn Mendes, the Senorita singer has been reportedly robbed for his luxurious SUV. Earlier this week, burglars break open his house in Los Angeles. It’s the same house where he and her girlfriend, Camila Cabello, spend time together. Reportedly, the burglars entered the house through a window. Initially, it was heard that there’s no loss due to the incident. But a report in TMZ states that the singer has been robbed for his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

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Yes, you read that right! However, there’s no official statement from Shawn Mendes or his representatives. The investigation of the matter is in process with no arrests till now.

Coming to another newsmaker from Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez. The flamboyant performer is a s*xy mama and there’s no single doubt on it. At the age of 51, the singer and actress enjoy her life to the fullest. Amidst the news of ‘all isn’t well’ with fiance Alex Rodriguez, JLo was seen chilling in a pool and enjoying a glass of juice.

JLo is seen donning a yellow bikini and grooving to Drake and DJ Khaled’s Popstar. She used terms like ‘Sunday mood’ and ‘cheers to the weekend’ to describe her party mood. Fans are speculating that she has intentionally dropped the video as a message to her fiance showing she is happy by herself and don’t need anyone.

Check out the video:

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