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Why Arrest Pratik Gandhi Trending? His Upcoming Movie ‘Bhavai’ Earlier Titled As ‘Ravan Leela’ Causes Trouble

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Another day and we saw another trend topping the Twitter charts and it’s ‘arrest Pratik Gandhi’. Many are expressing anger against him, and it all has to do with his upcoming film, Bhavai. It was initially titled Ravan Leela. Below is all you need to know.

The current time is very sensitive in the country and we have often seen several films facing the wrath of netizens. More often it’s about religious sentiments getting hurt. We have seen how Saif Ali Khan’s web debut, Tandav, faced all the negativity over one scene. Now, it’s time for the movie of Scam 1992 actor.

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This is not the first time, Bhavai found itself in a controversy. Ever since the teaser was dropped two weeks ago, some took an objection over its original title, Ravan Leela. Many thought that the movie aims to defame Hindu literature Ramayana and insult the religion by glorifying Ravan, who is considered evil in Hindu literature.

After the backlash, the title got changed to Bhavai. Now, after the title change, netizens are trending ‘arrest Pratik Gandhi’ as he’s the part of the movie which defames Hindu culture, as per them. Some have even shared clips from the movie’s trailer, claiming the makers are mocking the culture.

A couple of days, Pratik Gandhi clarified that there’s nothing objectionable in Bhavai, as he was talking about the title change. “There is nothing in the film that can hurt any sentiments. It’s a love story between two actors – yes, I play an actor and so does my co-star Aindrita Ray – and how people mix up their reel life and real life. So just to avoid any misunderstanding and misinterpretation the whole team decided to change the name to Bhavai,” Pratik said as reported by SpotboyE.

Despite all the clarification, the actor is facing wrath on Twitter. See some of the reactions:

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