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Kapil Sharma Was Part Of Gadar & Here’s Why You Didn’t Get To See Him

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We are sure that you all have seen the famous movie Gadar a lot of times. However, do you have any idea that your favorite comedian and actor, Kapil Sharma, was also a part of the movie? Yes, that’s true. Here’s why you didn’t get to see him in the movie.

Gadar: Ek Prem Khatha is one of the most loved movies of Bollywood. The movie features Sunny Deol along with Ameesha Patel. It was directed by Anil Sharma. Recently, the film completed its 20 successful years in the Hindi entertainment industry. A lot of fun stories and facts were revealed about the film as its 20 years were celebrated. One of the stories also revealed that Kapil Sharma was also associated with the movie. 

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Kapil made his debut in the Bollywood industry with Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon. However, logically speaking he should have made a debut back in 2001 with the hit film, Gadar. 

According to an article by Prabhat Khabar, Gadar was being shot in the city of Amritsar, where Kapil resided during the initial days. Kapil’s father was a part of the police force of Amritsar and was on duty on the sets of the movie. The comedian also reached the sets with his father. When he reached there, someone spread a rumor that Sunny Deol has also reached the place. However, some other scene was shot, and Deol was not present around.

A train scene was being shot at the moment in which Ameesha Patel and Amrish Puri played a part. There were a lot of people present there and Kapil was one of them. They were instructed by action director Tinu Verma that they would run and board the train once called action. Ameesha tried to board a train but she failed twice. Even Kapil boarded the train twice or thrice to stand out in a scene. However, he later discovered he didn’t has to board the train at all.

Kapil said, “When I saw an empty space, I ran. He (Tinu Verma) grabbed me and gave me a sweet slur. I told him that when you spoke action, I ran. They chased me away. The film was released, and I took my friends to the theatre to show them my scene. My scene was cut.” 

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