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Here’s All You Need To Know About The Avengers Campus

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The guests at Disney California Adventure in California are finally being allowed to enter the Avengers Campus. It started from today onwards (4th June). The campus has brought the Marvel Cinematic world to life, which is no less than a treat for Marvel fans.

It has some best attractions inside. From visiting the Pym Test Kitchen for an enormous chicken sandwich to watching spider man leaping sixty feet high into the air and witnessing Doctor Strange summoning his spells, a Marvel fan will get to experience crazy stuff at the Avengers Campus.

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The world-famous Disneyland was closed because of the pandemic for the last 13 months. However, the Avengers Campus has been allowed to make its debut and be open to the public. Can you imagine the prospect of getting to give a high-five to your favorite superhero? Even though there was a Star Wars-themed Galaxy land in Disneyland and Disney World, this theme park experience would is out of the world.

The Avengers Campus will be offering only one new ride called Wen Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. They have also renamed one of the rides. Now, the renamed ride is called Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout. The campus will also offer various eating spots inside, such as Pym Test Kitchen. In the Pym Kitchen, food is made using scientific experiments.

The workers of the park will be dressed up as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Wakandan warriors, and other superheroes. They will be performing stunts and magic tricks inside the campus.

There’s a lot of technology involved to give the best experience to the audience on campus. On the Web Slingers ride, the rider is required to throw virtual webs and hit as many out-of-control robotic spiders as possible. There’s also be a stall selling a device called web shooter which will be used on the ride to increase accuracy.

Here’s the tour of the campus:

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