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Sooryavanshi Is A Box Office Success But Yet To Become A Clean Hit?

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Before getting started, let’s take a moment and thank Sooryavanshi for bringing back life to theatres! Starring Akshay Kumar in the lead, the film took the box office by storm. Despite a huge business, many still have a doubt if the film is really a hit. So today, we’ll be talking about the film’s budget and its verdict.

Box office business till now

As per the official update, Akshay Kumar‘s latest cop drama has made 190.37 crores. It’s a total of 25 days’ theatrical run in India. The numbers are really huge and no one ever expected the film to earn so much, especially just after the pandemic slowed down.

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Budget of Sooryavanshi

The most asked question related to the film is its budget. It’s learned that Sooryavanshi has a cost of whopping 160 crores riding on it. It includes the cost of making and marketing. Remember, it doesn’t include the full fees of Akshay Kumar as he is more of a profit-sharing star. Such a huge budget has made the path a bit tough for the cop drama to become a clean box office hit.

Is Sooryavanshi a box office hit? If not, how much it needs to make to become a clean hit?

Without going into the economics of the film, let’s go by the basic box office rules. As of now, the film is a clean success. However, in order to become a hit, it will need to earn 200% of its cost. By that logic, the film will need to do business of 320 crores, which isn’t happening!

Nevertheless, the film is a big success considering the time during which it was released. Speaking of the overall economics, Sooryavanshi is in a huge profit zone with deals like OTT, satellite, and music, making crores and crores for investors.

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