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Bell Bottom Faces Protest In Patiala Over Akshay Kumar’s ‘Propaganda’ Tweet On Farm Bills

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Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom is receiving flak from some people in Patiala. A protest outside a film theatre in the city was led by the people supporting farmers. The protestors said that people who are watching Akshay’s film should be ashamed.

Bell Bottom made its way to the theatres on 19th August. It became the first Bollywood biggie to release in theatres during the COVID period. The release of the movie was awaited for a long time and it received positive reviews from all around. However, some people of Punjab are protesting against it.

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In the film, Akshay has played the role of a RAW agent who embarks on a mission to free 210 hostages who were held by hijackers. Apart from him, Vaani Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Adil Hussain and Huma Qureshi also star in the film. 

As we all know, farmers have been protesting against the farm laws passed by the Indian government since last year. Farmers in Patiala too were recently seen protesting in front of Phul cinema in the city, urging everyone to boycott Akshay Kumar’s latest release. While telling people to boycott the film, they chanted, “Akshay Kumar Di Film Dekhne Walon Sharm Karo” and the protest is likely an outcome of a statement made by Akshay last year. 

Why Akshay Kumar is receiving flak from farmers?

Last year, in a tweet, Akshay had said that the efforts taken to resolve problems of farmers are evident and we should support each other rather than paying attention to people creating differences. He called the protest propaganda. 

The farmers and their supporters lashed out after the actor went against the farmers. Hence, they have been boycotting Akshay Kumar and his work.

Banned in some countries

The screening of the film is also banned in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. They stated that the historical facts have been tampered in Bell Bottom.

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