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Liger Day 1 Advance Booking Report: Hyderabad Is On Fire, Overall 79K Tickets Already Sold In Just 40 Hours

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Liger starring Vijay Deverakonda is all set to arrive in theatres on 25th August. The advance booking of the film has been started since yesterday and the response has been terrific so far. Let’s find out how much the film has collected so far for day 1 through advance ticket sales.

The film marks the Bollywood and pan-India debut of Vijay Deverakonda. Due to the popularity of Arjun Reddy, there’s excitement about Vijay’s first-ever Bollywood film. It’s actually a bilingual film which has been simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu. As of now, the advance booking for Hindi, Telugu and Tamil versions has been started. Malayalam and Kannada versions are expected to start soon with their ticket sale.

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Liger will see the release of limited Hindi shows on 25th August, with all of them scheduled for the night. A full-fledged release will be witnessed on the 26th of August. The advance booking for the film started yesterday. Now, as per the trade reports flowing in, till today 5 pm, this Vijay Deverakonda’s film has hit the sale of 79,000 tickets for day 1. The majority of this chunk is of course from the Telugu market.

Liger so far has earned 1.45 crore gross for day 1 through advance booking. Out of all the major centres, Hyderabad is on a rampage mode already as many shows are already sold out and many others will become houseful soon. With still a lot of time left, the response is expected to get better and more thunderous.

Speaking about the Hindi version, Liger hasn’t picked up the pace as even 10 lakh is yet to be hit. Irrespective of the languages, the film is expected to take a rocking start considering the huge fan base of the actor in the Telugu market. For the rest of the languages, a lot will depend on spot bookings rather than advance booking.

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