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It’s Varun Dhawan vs Prabhas In 2022 At The Box Office – The Battle Of Crowd Pullers

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It’s a big sign of relief that after witnessing a standstill, the entertainment industry is slowly getting back on track. Here, in India, many Bollywood and down South biggies have announced their release dates and there’s enthusiasm in movie buffs. Over 40 movies have got their confirmed release dates with some even booking their slot for 2022. Amongst such is Prabhas starrer Salaar. It was during the last weekend, the scheduled release was announced. Now, it has booked a clash with Varun Dhawan at the box office.

Coming from the camp of KGF maker, Prashanth Neel, Salaar has a good hype amongst movie buffs. And with Prabhas addition, the buzz is sky-high. As per the proclamation, it’s going to release on 14th April 2022 to enjoy the benefit of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti. Not just that, it will also be enjoying a Good Friday holiday the next day. There’s another holiday on the 4th day in the form of Sunday. So, it’s clear that the Saaho actor has got himself a lucrative window of a 4-day extended weekend with three holidays.

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But wait, Prabhas isn’t alone who will be benefitting from this lucrative 4-day weekend. Yes, none other than Varun Dhawan has his film slated for 14th April.

If you remember, just a few days back, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon’s Bhediya was announced. It will be helmed by Stree fame Amar Kaushik. With such talented names associated, there’s no doubt that the movie is high on the buzz. Especially, now, the buzz to get even higher as it is clashing with Saaho actor’s movie.

Varun’s hold in the north India market will dent Salaar!

At first, Prabhas looks like a huge name in comparison to Varun Dhawan, and he has all those big box office numbers to back it up. But it will be a really interesting competition. The Baahubali star is now a pan India star and has an amazing hold in the South. Whereas, Varun has proved his hold in metro cities and mass centres of north India. We have seen in the past what Varun is capable of despite having mediocre content on his side. So, a north versus south audience is really a competition to look forward to. No doubt, Salaar will perform in the north too, but Bhediya will surely dent its number in the market.

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