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Avatar 2 VS Avengers: Endgame At The Indian Box Office: James Cameron’s Film Is Now Leaving Marvel’s Blockbuster Behind!

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James Cameron’s Avatar 2 is doing fantastic business in India. Given the huge pre-release buzz, the magnum opus was always expected to earn huge here but now, it is heading towards blockbuster status. Amid such a superb run, it is now being compared with Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel has undoubtedly the biggest fan following for Hollywood films in India and their almost all films manage to cross 100 crores in India. Back in 2019, we witnessed Marvel tsunami when Endgame released. It did record-breaking business and left everyone jaw-dropped.

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Avatar 2 VS Avengers: Endgame at the Indian box office

For the unversed, Endgame did a business of 373.22 crores upon its release. It’s the best ever figures for a Hollywood film here. Speaking about the Avatar sequel, it stands at 265.05 crores nett in 11 days. Considering no competition till Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan arrives, the magnum opus is expected to overtake the Marvel biggie.

Check out the day to day comparison:

Avatar 2 VS Avengers: Endgame

Day 1 – 41 crores VS 53.60 crores

Day 2 – 42 crores VS 52.20 crores

Day 3 – 46 crores VS 52.85 crores

Day 4 – 18.50 crores VS 31.05 crores

Day 5 – 16 crores VS 26.10 crores

Day 6 – 15 crores VS 28.50 crores

Day 7 – 14.25 crores VS 16.10 crores

Day 8 – 12 crores VS 12.50 crores

Day 9 – 20.80 crores VS 18.30 crores

Day 10 – 26.50 crores VS 21.75 crores

Day 11 – 13 crores VS 8.25 crores

Lifetime – 265.05 crores VS 373.22 crores

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