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Black Adam Box Office: Bearing A Huge Loss For Warner Bros. Pictures, Falling Short Of $200 Million+ To Avoid The Tag Of ‘Disappointment’?

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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, after taking a good start at the box office, has slowed down. In fact, it is being said that the film has turned out to be a huge loss for its distributor Warner Bros. Pictures. What was its breakeven? What was the budget? Let’s find out more about the film’s economics.

Without a doubt, the Dwayne Johnson starrer had a huge potential to put on a thunderous show at ticket windows all across the globe. Apart from being a part of DC’s Extended Universe, there was a special appearance of Henry Cavill’s Superman, confirming his return to DCEU. However, this surprise element didn’t work much in attracting crowd as eventually it all boiled down to the actual content.

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Mixed reviews & low box office collection till now

Upon its release, Black Adam received highly mixed reviews and even the word-of-mouth wasn’t something on the good side totally. Unlike Marvel films, this wasn’t a critic proof film, so it went down after the initial good start. So far, the film has made $384.57 million at the worldwide box office.

Black Adam’s budget & breakeven

As per the report in Variety, Black Adam’s budget is $195 million and some $80 million were spent on marketing and advertising. As per the all these numbers, the breakeven at the worldwide box office sits somewhere around $600 million. So, you can clearly see that there’s a huge unachievable difference of over $200 million between the film’s collection and reported breakeven.

How much loss will Black Adam suffer?

As per some Warner Bros. Pictures’ sources, Black Adam has breakeven at $400 million. However, even that mark has not been achieved yet. So, till now, the film is a clear box office disappointment for the distributors and exhibitors. It is being said that this Dwayne Johnson starrer might incur losses of $50 million to $100 million, which is of course a big let down.

It’s a huge setback for both Dwayne Johnson and DCEU as a whole!

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