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Bholaa Advance Booking Update: Here’s How Much Ajay Devgn Starrer Has Earned So Far (Box Office Report 1)

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We’re just a few days away from witnessing the return of Ajay Devgn to the big screen. After delivering a smashing hit with Drishyam 2, Mass Maharaja is coming up with Bholaa. With the film, Ajay also returns as the director and fans are hoping for a successful outing for Ajay as a director as well. But is it moving in the right direction? Let’s take a look at its advance booking update in the film’s box office report 1!

The unique strategy of advance booking

Usually, we see the advance booking is opened 3-4 days before the release unlike it’s an event film. However, this time we can see a unique strategy being implemented as the bookings for Bholaa were opened 12 days before the release. Is this move really paying off? Let’s find it out below.

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Limited listing of shows

Yes, the bookings are made available much before than expected but the listing of shows is just to a limited extent as of now. In fact, only IMAX 3D and 4DX versions are open and that too for limited shows. As we all know, Ajay Devgn’s main base is the mass audience and the ticket rates of these available shows are too high. So, the real game will start when the shows of 2D and normal 3D versions get listed, which would be comparatively affordable.

Bholaa’s sale so far in advance booking

So far, Ajay Devgn’s Bholaa has sold tickets worth 7.10 lakhs gross all across the country. This number excludes the number of blocked seats and please note that some shows are yet to be tracked due to technical issues. So, the figure could go slightly in excess of the above-mentioned number. Still, 7.10 lakhs are good enough as the full-fledged advance booking is yet to open.

Minimum expectation from the advance booking

Ajay Devgn is coming fresh from the grand success of Drishyam 2, so he’s carrying momentum with himself. Considering that, there’s good enough excitement for his Bholaa. The film is expected to enjoy advance booking of at least 4-5 crores gross (without blocked seats) for day 1.

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