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TVF Aspirants Beats Scam 1992 In IMDb Ratings To Become The Highest Rated Indian Web Series

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TVF Aspirants and Scam 1992 were indulged in an interesting digital war of ratings for a long time. The benchmark set by Scam initially looked like a difficult task, but the way TVF’s latest product created a rage among viewers, it was just a matter of time. Finally, in a matter of two months, the web show has surpassed Scam’s unbelievable ratings.

The rise of Scam 1992

Starring Pratik Gandhi as a lead, Scam is a well-written and well-executed web series. Be it the real-life and intriguing story of Harshad Mehta to power-packed yet sleek performances of the cast, the series scored full marks in every department. And yes, there’s social media which helped the show a big time to reach every corner of the nation. To simplify in one word, the show is cult in the Indian web series world.

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Pratik Gandhi As Harshad Mehta
Scam 1992 Still (image source- YouTube | image by- Sony Liv)

Arrival of the competitor in the form of TVF Aspirants

Scam was released in October 2020 and held the record of the highest rated Indian web show for around 9 months. In May 2021, Aspirants arrived and it started gaining traction with amazing word-of-mouth. Of course, the expectations were always high as it was TVF’s product, but the response it garnered was something crazy. Ever since it was released, a tough competition was on between Scam and TVF’s latest show. Finally, after a couple of months, TVF’s web series surpassed the IMDb ratings of Scam.

Naveen Kasturia From Aspirants (highest rated Indian web series)
Aspirants Still (image source- YouTube | image by- The Viral Fever)

A time span of two months and the game changed!

As per the latest update, Scam 1992 has a rating of 9.5 out of 10. It has been rated by around 112K people. Speaking of TVF Aspirants, the show is now the highest rated Indian web series with a rating of 9.7 out of 10. It has been rated by a huge 273K people on IMDb. That’s a difference of 161K votes and it’s unbelievable!

Scam is helmed by Hansal Mehta and Jai Mehta, while Aspirants is directed by Apoorv Singh Karki.

(Note: Not just ratings but even votes over 100K are considered as a parameter here for highest rated Indian web series)

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